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KOHLER switchgear is your best choice:

  • 100% integration: Our switchgear works with the entire KOHLER power system – generators, automatic transfer switches and more
  • Designed, engineered and factory-tested as a complete system
  • Our team will take care of you every step of the way – from concept to startup
  • We will engineer custom switchgear to meet your needs
  • All KOHLER switchgear is cUL-listed and IBC certified.
  • Delivers outstanding quality and reliability
  • The active screen system is the most intuitive user friendly interface in the industry
  • Extremely versatile and can be configured for on the fly operational mode change
  • Capable of generating reports that can be downloaded into spreadsheets via a network connection or through the use of a flash drive

KOHLER switchgear is designed to manage your power needs by carefully monitoring and adjusting the load between generators that have been installed to work in tandem. The paralleling of multiple generator sets is a long accepted technique for increasing the amount of available electrical power required for variable load conditions.

The switchgear will automatically synchronize, parallel, and match the electrical power from a number of generators, to the size of the load requirement.

KOHLER switchgear is designed for:

  • North American and International specifications
  • Emergency Standby or Prime power installations
  • Interruptible Rate or Peak Shaving applications
  • Wall and floor-mounted configurations

BPS Switchgear Brochure