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It is important that the electrical power you require is managed in a safe and reliable manner. KOHLER has engineered a complete family of automatic transfer switches (ATS) to assure you of continuous power in emergency situations.

Available from 30 to 4000 amperes, KOHLER's automatic transfer switches sense when the voltage from the normal power source (usually utility) drops below a preset minimum. At this point, the ATS signals the emergency generator to start and transfers the required load to the gen set. When the original electrical power source is restored, the ATS will retransfer the load to normal power and shut down the generator. Configurations to meet most applications are available.

For the sophisticated installation, KOHLER's MPAC 1500 ATS control is loaded with sophisticated technologies and advanced design features that ensure transfer of power to critical-load applications. For the more basic power system installation, KOHLER's MPAC 1000 ATS control offers a line of automatic transfer switches with a new compact design, competitively priced for the market. No matter what your power requirements are, KOHLER has a high quality ATS package to meet your needs.

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