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From powering water pumping stations in Angola to providing emergency power for Yellowstone National Park, KOHLER's extensive line-up of Standby/Prime generators power airports, hospitals, factories, and communications centers that knit together a global marketplace.

Diesel fueled units range in size from 10 kW to 4 MW and gaseous fueled units from 40 kW to 1350 kW with ratings for operation at 50 or 60 hertz. All models are available with a complete complement of accessories to meet almost any application, such as weather and sound attenuation housings, sub-base fuel tanks, block heaters, critical silencers, and many other options.

All models are available with emissions certification and UL listing directly from the factory with no costly or time consuming site certifications required. In addition, seismic certification is also available from the factory on most models.

Ideal for Standby emergency power, Interruptible Rate applications, Peak Shaving to lower energy costs, or Prime power installations for heavy construction and mining operations, Buckeye Power Sales will provide you with a power system solution to meet your requirements.

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