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KOHLER marine generators now feature improved sound shields and new, quieter engines. The enhanced KOHLER sound shield design utilizes loaded vinyl barrier foam, acoustically superior to standard foam in absorbing sound energy. Plus, a new quarter-turn fastener and pin roof allow the boat owner ready-access for regular maintenance. We also relocated the battery, fuel, remote start, exhaust, and seawater connection points to a very accessible, lower rear rail location. Finally, because KOHLER marine generators have fewer pieces and drop-over assembly, they are much easier, and take far less time, to install.

Gas Generators—Low CO

Small in size, big on performance. KOHLER 4 to 20kW gasoline generators are perfect for both cruisers and sport boats.

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Diesel Generators

KOHLER diesel marine generators are efficient, compact and deliver smooth power on demand. Kohler offers a diesel generator to handle load requirement and are designed to power today’s more sophisticated electronic devices.

Equipped with the microprocessor-based Advanced Digital Control (ADC) or DEC 3+ Control and availability of the industry’s most acoustically advanced sound shields, KOHLER diesel generators operate with an unparalleled level of performance.

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Commercial Generators

Making your living on the water is hard work — there’s no such thing as downtime. KOHLER commercial marine generators are engineered to perform in the most rugged and demanding conditions.

Equipped with John Deere (up to 180kW) and Scania (350 to 500KW) engines, Kohler digital controls, and external connection points for easy installation and maintenance, KOHLER generators deliver relentless and reliable power to keep you on the job.

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