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Decision Maker Paralleling System: Designed to parallel up to eight generator sets. In some cases, purchasing multiple units and operating them in parallel can be more cost effective than using a single larger unit. This system can also offer redundancy, future scalability, and flexibility of installation.

PD-100 Series: An economic solution for paralleling a single generator with a utility for either base load/peak shaving operation or for use as a soft-load closed-transition transfer switch.

PD-2000 Series: UL891 listed for low voltage applications, this series allows for extreme flexibility in design while providing a strong standard for safety and performance. Includes load management logic for optimum system operation.

PD-3000 Series: UL1558 listed for low voltage applications and provides system management of load sharing/shedding sequences. Featuring drawout breakers as standard, the PD-3000 series is designed with reliability and serviceability in mind.

PD-4000 Series: Kohler's solution for medium voltage applications, the PD-4000 series utilizes the strength of the digital control system combined with utility grade protective relays for a complete system solution.

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