Power and electricity is something we take for granted in the modern world. At all times of the day, our homes and businesses have access to consistent electricity for any need. Some events of that can affect this are big storms or other natural events. While a home may be able to go a few hours or days without power in the event of a disaster, certain industries and businesses cannot wait.

Even though a permanent generator setup is the best option for businesses such as hospitals and fire stations, a docking station can be a useful alternative. In other cases, a permanent generator may not be an option. In those cases, we recommend a docking station that can connect to a mobile generator at any time. These mobile generators can be customized to fit your power needs and have the ability to get through difficult circumstances.

What is a Docking Station?

A docking station and switch is a system where a facility installs a docking station that can be connected to a mobile generator quickly and easily. In the event of utility power failure, a mobile generator can be deployed and hooked up to the docking station to provide power.

Additionally, having a manual transfer switch installed as part of the docking station will allow the business or building to choose between utility and generator power without connecting to both.

What are the Benefits of a Docking Station?

A docking station can be used in several instances:

  1. Emergency Power: in crucial power situations where utility power is down the primary generator and/or utility is not available, the docking station connected to a mobile generator can provide power.
  2. Routine Maintenance and Upkeep: When the primary generator has to be serviced and the business legally requires dual options, such as with hospital systems, a docking station and mobile generator can act as the backup utility power.
  3. Non-Critical Backup: Businesses that need backup power but aren’t so dependent as to require a primary generator system can use a docking station for their rare generator needs.

What are the Benefits of the Docking Station with Manual Switch Option?

While all electricity and power systems must be handled with care by trained professionals, some systems are still easier to use than others. A docking station with manual switch allows operators to make quick decisions and power connections without going through the hassle of manual cable connections and orientation. A permanently-installed docking station with manual selector switch and camlock connectors makes the system safer, faster and easier to use.

Specifications and Needs

Docking stations are categorized by two factors. One is the amperage required to power the business and the other is wall mounted or floor mounted stations. Floor mounted stations reside on concrete blocks similar to air conditioning units.

It is up to your engineering and facilities staff to determine your power needs. Docking stations typically range from 100 to 4000 amps with the larger units needing to be floor mounted.

Installation and Setup

Docking stations and other power delivery systems must be installed using a combination of on-site facilities employees, qualified electrical contractor and the professionals from BPS. All building, city and county codes must be followed such as UL1008 which requires all power delivery stations be designed, manufactured, installed and run according to high standards of safety and redundancy.

The Future of Power Delivery

It doesn’t take hard science and mountains of data to show that disasters are on the rise. However, the data does back up what the eye can see. Even in the modern world, infrastructure can fail during a strong enough natural event. If your business requires careful and consistent power delivery, investing in a docking station for mobile generators may be what you need.

Our top of the line systems and experienced professional staff can help your business choose the right units and the right setup to ensure peace of mind for you, your staff and everyone that relies on consistent power and electricity.

If you have questions about docking stations or want to discuss your power needs, contact us at Buckeye Power Sales today or download our docking stations info sheet using the link below.

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