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Top-to-bottom industrial power generators for sale and support, plus 24/7 rapid-response service from the best factory-certified professionals in the industry. Buckeye Power Sales is the authorized distributor of KOHLER equipment for all of Ohio, Chicago Metro, Central and Northern Indiana, and Northern Kentucky.

About Kohler Industrial Standby and Prime Power Generators

Kohler industrial generators systems, switches and support products ensure crucial businesses and services such as hospitals, food refrigeration, and telecommunications equipment are maintained with little to no interruption.

Buckeye Power Sales provides top of the line diesel, gas or propane generators for various sized businesses ranging from <10kW to 4MW and even multi-unit solutions for large footprints. We also provide mobile generator solutions that provide the flexibility to move from site to site and give your business more options when it comes to power solutions.


Experience the Innovative Power of Guascor Energy

Optimized for reliability and integration, Guascor Energy power generators cover a power range of over 25 MVA. Guascor industrial generators produce power quickly, reliably, and efficiently for industrial and marine applications.

Buckeye Power Sales offers industrial power solutions from Guascor Energy up to 2 MW for a wide range of power generation applications such as combined heat and power, waste to power, prime, and continuous. The low-emissions, high-efficiency engines and gensets can run on a variety of fuel sources like natural gas, landfill/sewage gas, flare/well gas, and propane gas.

We are the authorized distributor of Guascor Energy power generators in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Northern Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas.



Keep Your Business Online With Buckeye Power Sales

For more than 75 years, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses solve their supply and industrial backup power generator needs. We support you with:

  • Power Load Assessments
  • Installation
  • 24/7 Emergency Support
  • Factory Trained, Industry Certified
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Operator Training
  • Support Beyond The Sale
  • Planned Maintenance & Aftercare

With a reputation for industrial experience, extensive product knowledge, and 5-star quality work—we continue to build loyal, repeat customers who count on us to answer their power demand challenges.


Keep Your Business Online With Buckeye Power Sales

Most people don’t know just how much they rely on power infrastructure and their utilities. Usually, it is only in times of crisis that anyone even thinks about what happens if city power isn’t enough.

Weather events or disasters can strike at any time and as native Midwesterners, we know how to deal with these local challenges and can help power through any interruption. Our factory-trained and industry-certified professionals can help assess your wattage, fuel, and site-based needs to help tailor the best custom solution for your needs.

Our experts also help provide 24/7 support for planned and unplanned outages, tests and maintenance. BPS has trained experienced professionals in sales, engineering and leadership positions that are ready to provide your business with the peace of mind you need throughout the unexpected. Learn more about our service offerings and ongoing planned maintenance.

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