Home Power

Refuse to compromise your quality of life when the power goes out. Buckeye Power Sales offers quality, powerful residential generators from Kohler that maintain home power in the harshest conditions.


Standby Power For Your Lifestyle

When choosing a generator for your home, your solution will depend on a number of things, including your home size and what you’d like to power, whether it be just the essentials or the entire house.

The Kohler Difference

At Buckeye Power Sales, we exclusively sell Kohler products. Why’s that? Because not only are they the best product on the market, but they deliver the best ownership experience we’ve found. Every Kohler generator comes with:

Mobile OnCue® Plus Generator Management System (Optional)

You’re always connected to your generator with the mobile app. Track real-time power status, view the last time it ran, turn on/off circuits from anywhere (additional option), and more.

5-year, 2,000 hour Premium Warranty

Each residential generator is built to last, long-term, in extreme conditions. Kohler offers a premium warranty to ensure your product lasts if something goes wrong.

Industrial-Grade Engines

Get maximum performance from Kohler with fuel efficient, industrial-grade engines.

Near Instant Action

Kohler generators can automatically revive your major appliances in a matter of seconds.

Total Reliability

Every generator is tested during each step of the engineering process before passing inspection and moving to production.

UL Listed

Kohler generators are UL listed, CSA certified & meet worldwide emissions regulations with clean-burning engines.

Sound Silencers

Equipped with critical sound silencers, Kohler generators won’t be noisy or disruptive when they kick on.

No Refueling Necessary

You won’t need to worry about refueling your generator, which runs on either natural gas or propane.

How Standby residential GEnerators Work