Light Commercial Generators

You don’t have to compromise customer experience or sales when the power goes out. Buckeye Power Sales offers quality products to keep small businesses connected when you experience a power outage.


Back Up Power Generation for Small Businesses

When you’re in the middle of dinner rush, have a line to checkout to the door, or even when you’re closed, the last thing you need is a power disruption. Keep your customers happy, and your business moving and safe during an outage with a commercial backup generator. No matter the type of business you run, Buckeye Power Sales has a power solution for you.

Our small business generators ensure the following stay powered:


Your crucial data is kept available, as well as your POS – so you can continue to serve your customers.


Don't worry about lighting candles or handing out lanterns, Kohler will keep your business bright.


No one enjoys a freezing or sweltering environment. Keep people safe & comfortable.

Industrial Fridge/Freezers

Kohler keeps your product fresh, so there's no more losing inventory due to an outage.

Security Systems

An outage no longer means vulnerability. 24/7 power ensures you're always protected.

Gas Pumps

Keep your customers happy by providing the essentials—when everyone else can't.

Kohler Means Quality

Buckeye Power Sales offers Kohler commercial generators, simply because they’re built to last. Kohler continuously delivers top products and customer experience, and that’s something we can get behind. Each Kohler light commercial generator comes with the following benefits:

Full Reliability

Every generator is tested during each step of the engineering process before passing inspection and moving to production.

Quick Response

Power transfers to Kohler generators automatically in a matter of seconds, so you never experience downtime.

Experience Worth Trusting

Established in 1920, Kohler’s goal has always been to build the best generators in the world.

5-year, 2,000 hour Premium Warranty

Each light commercial generator is built to last, long-term, in extreme conditions. Kohler offers a premium warranty to ensure your product lasts if something goes wrong.


GRIDIRON provides co-generation technology for on-site energy. The PowerPlant units offer savings, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability to users. Buckeye Power Sales is proud to offer GRIDIRON products as a solution for customers looking for ways to increase power reliability while also reducing overall power cost.



Buckeye Power Sales offers commercial generators from 6–150 kW to suit every small business, and choosing a light commercial generator depends on a number of things. When you’re ready to talk about a solution for your needs, we’ll discuss things like:

  • The type of business you run
  • The square footage of your business
  • The general amount of kW used at your business
  • Whether you prefer natural gas or propane fuel
  • If you have a single-phase or three-phase system
  • Types of appliances you’ll want to power

Based upon this information, our dealers are happy to help you determine which model will work best for you.