Generator repair

You deserve quality care for your engine and power generation equipment, and that’s what Buckeye Power Sales delivers. Equipped with certified and knowledgeable technicians, we offer planned maintenance, generator, transfer switch and switchgear repair service for every need, all backed by our 90-day warranty.

We proudly serve Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, with locations in Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago.


make us your point of contact for generator, transfer switch & switchgear repair

Buckeye Power Sales is part of Ultimate Service Associates, a North American Site Services company– which covers North America with direct service support and a supplier network of 400 service locations, and employs 1500+ factory certified technicians. Our EGSA-certified technicians deliver quality, warranty backed generator repair services to keep your operation running with minimal downtime.

Engine, Generator, Transfer Switch & Switchgear Repair

No matter the time of day, when something goes wrong with your engine or power generator, you need a quick restoration. If it’s after normal business hours, call one of our Ohio, Indiana or Illinois locations—and we’ll return your call within 30 minutes or less to develop a resolution for your issue.

  • Thoroughly trained at the factory and in house on a regular basis
  • Multi-year job experience
  • EGSA certified, meaning they have a broad knowledge of electricity, mechanical & electrical components and the interaction between them
  • Fleet of fully-stocked service vans with generator parts to repair any job
  • Proficient in installation, maintenance, & repair of on-site power generation systems including transfer switches and switchgear
  • Gas & diesel engine maintenance & service backed by our 90-day warranty
  • Utilize safe operating procedures to protect you and your property
  • 24/7 emergency service

Planned Generator Maintenance

Load Bank Testing

Test your system’s capability without interrupting standard utility services to your facility, determine if your system is capable of handling the load that is required & meet the National Fire Protection Code 110 “Standard for Emergency Power Systems”.

Battery Replacement

Battery failure is one of the most common reasons standby power systems fail to start. Increase your system’s reliability by replacing your battery every 2 years.

Cooling System Maintenance

Replacement of coolant and hoses is recommended every 3-5 years to maintain reliability. Engine block heater inspection & replacement helps ensure your power system will start when cold weather hits.

Engine Belt Replacement

Engine belts must be periodically replaced — like coolant hoses, over time, belts become brittle, and crack & split, leading to unexpected failure.

Fuel Cleaning & Treatment

Diesel fuel systems are subject to contamination from water, chemical deterioration of fuel over time, growth of organic materials, & foreign matter accumulation. Test, treat, & clean your diesel fuel system to increase reliability & delay engine wear.

Remote Monitoring

Your generator can run a self test, where a remote monitoring system verifies its operation. You can view your generator activity online at any time, & if your generator should fail, notifications will be sent according to your instructions.

Thermal Imaging

Detect heat patterns or temperature changes in objects,
discover problems prior to costly down-time or monitor developing problems, & perform inspections while the generator is under load by scanning from a safe distance.

Oil Analysis

A quick, non-destructive way to gauge the health of an engine and discover any problems by looking at what’s in the oil.

"Tyler performed major maintenance and replaced the battery on my generator. He appeared on time and worked efficiently. He was pleasant and professional. My generator runs smoothly and performs as it should."

Betsy A.

"The Service Techs are always friendly and professional. They keep us informed of any issues and make sure we are satisfied with the service performed."

Andy M.

"Very professional and honest. Full of information. It is a great experience working with Buckeye Power."

Heath F.

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For over 75 years, Buckeye Power Sales has been a recognized leader in all things power. With multiple locations across the midwest, allow us to be your first-choice in providing quality care to your equipment.

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