Marine Generators

When you’re on the water, you need more than just a dependable product—you need a product that performs.


Revolutionary Design

Kohler’s revolutionary marine generator designs offer first-class features across a broad range of marine applications.

Compact Design & Power

Made smaller to free up vital space

Quiet Performance

Improved air-management system

Kohler Decision-Maker® 3500 Controller

Monitors critical engine & power information, warnings, and faults, with remote start and stop convenience

No-Hassle Warranty

Kohler covers your first year, and you have the option to extend for 3 additional years

Minimal Vibration

Less vibration than other brands with exclusive vibration mount cushions

Factory-Installed Paralleling Controllers

Use a single communication wire to parallel two or more Kohler marine generators.

Power For Every Application

Luxury Watercraft

Power your in-cabin amenities—quietly and efficiently. Kohler marine generators deliver electricity to your appliances, sound systems, and entertainment systems.

Commercial Vessels

Get optimal performance with minimal downtime. Kohler marine generators power communication & alarm systems, steering gear systems, navigation and emergency lights, and more.


Choosing a Kohler marine generator with Buckeye Power Sales depends on a number of things. When you’re ready to talk about a solution for your needs, we’ll discuss things like:

  • The type of boat you’d like to power, i.e. commercial, personal
  • The size of the boat and how much space you have for a generator
  • What you’ll be using the generator to power, specifically
  • If noise is of concern to you
  • If vibration is of concern to you

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