Marine Generators

When you’re on the water, you need more than just a dependable product—you need a product that performs.


Revolutionary Design

Kohler’s revolutionary marine generator designs offer first-class features across a broad range of marine applications.

Compact Design & Power

Made smaller to free up vital space

Quiet Performance

Improved air-management system

Kohler Decision-Maker® 3500 Controller

Monitors critical engine & power information, warnings, and faults, with remote start and stop convenience

No-Hassle Warranty

Kohler covers your first year, and you have the option to extend for 3 additional years

Minimal Vibration

Less vibration than other brands with exclusive vibration mount cushions

Factory-Installed Paralleling Controllers

Use a single communication wire to parallel two or more Kohler marine generators.

Power For Every Application

Pleasure Craft

Power your in-cabin amenities—quietly and efficiently. Kohler marine generators deliver electricity to your appliances, sound systems, and entertainment systems.

generators for marine pleasure craft

Commercial Vessels

Get optimal performance with minimal downtime. Kohler marine generators power communication & alarm systems, steering gear systems, navigation and more.

generators for commercial marine


Choosing a Kohler marine generator with Buckeye Power Sales depends on a number of things. When you’re ready to talk about a solution for your needs, we’ll discuss things like:

  • The type of boat you’d like to power, i.e. commercial, personal
  • The size of the boat and how much space you have for a generator
  • What you’ll be using the generator to power, specifically
  • If noise is of concern to you
  • If vibration is of concern to you

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