Many businesses use a single, large generator to meet their power needs. However, these businesses may be missing out on the benefits of paralleling two or more systems, or paralleling their generator to the utility.

When you choose two or more generators, or to parallel a single generator to the utility, that’s where switchgear come in. Switchgear, also referred to as switchboards, provide additional controls to operate the generators in parallel with one another and/or the utility.

What Are The Benefits of Paralleled Power?

When choosing between a single generator or a multiple generator system, you should take the following benefits of paralleling power into consideration.

    1. Redundancy: Having more than one generator connected at all times delivers greater reliability and flexibility, particularly in the event another generator goes out or during scheduled maintenance.
    2. Efficiency: Choosing multiple smaller generators connected in parallel, instead of one large generator, allows you to turn generators on and off as necessary to meet the varying needs of the load.
    3. Value: In some cases, multiple small generators can actually cost less than a single large generator.
    4. Power Needs: If the largest available generator won’t meet your power needs, multiple generators can be connected in parallel to provide the necessary power.
    5. Space Constraints: If space is limited and a large generator won’t fit, multiple smaller generators can be used without sacrificing power capacity.
    6. Future Growth: As your power requirements expand, you can add new generators to the paralleled system.

Benefits of KOHLER® Paralleling Switchgear

When it comes to paralleling power, it’s all about the controls. Choosing the right system and switchgear for your business’ needs is crucial. KOHLER Paralleling Switchgear will help you meet your synchronization and load management requirements and will be configured to the specific transition type you need.

Here are some of the reasons to choose KOHLER Paralleling Switchgear:

  • Completely customized to meet your unique application.
  • Switchgear work with the entire KOHLER Power System, Generator, ATS and more.
  • Chart-based sequences of operation eliminate guesswork by detailing each step of every sequence.
  • An intuitive user interface makes using the switchgear as simple as selecting the sequence you want, verifying your choice and pressing the start button.

Work with Buckeye Power Sales to Fully Integrate Your Paralleling System

With the KOHLER Decision-Maker® Paralleling System, you get a complete solution to parallel power. Each system includes generators, Decision-Maker 6000 controllers, a master control panel, power distribution switchboards with breakers and KOHLER automatic transfer systems.

We work with you to choose the KOHLER system that provides the operating modes that meet the needs of your facility—whether you require simple standby power or multiple-utility paralleling and emergency power, prime power or peak shaving.

At Buckeye Power Sales, our in-depth experience with KOHLER Paralleling Switchgear, paired with our full-service approach before, during and after the sale, makes us the ideal partner for customizing your system.

If you have questions about paralleling switchgear or want to discuss your power needs, contact us at Buckeye Power Sales today.