Kohler Power Systems provides products within the requirements of NFPA 110—or the National Fire Protection Association’s standard for emergency and standby power systems that provides an alternate electrical power source in the event of primary power failures.

guidelines for compliance

NFPA 110 dictates the performance requirements for emergency and standby power systems. Thus, an individual product cannot be marked as NFPA 110- compliant; the overall power system must be installed, maintained, tested and operated per the NFPA standard to be compliant. Kohler Power Systems is committed to designing emergency and standby power components with features that ensure the power system’s compliance with NFPA 110.

NFPA Generator Requirements

NFPA 110 has identified two levels of requirements that pertain to the installation, performance and maintenance of the power system:

LEVEL 1 pertains to power systems where failure to perform could result in loss of life or serious injury.

LEVEL 2 pertains to power systems where failure to perform is less critical to human life and safety.

The installation, performance and maintenance requirements associated with a power system depend upon the power system level.

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all NFPA 110 requirements for emergency and standby power systems, and is designed to only provide a brief overview of some of the NFPA 110 requirements. For guidance on the compliance with all NFPA 110 requirements, please contact the NFPA and visit NFPA.ORG for more information.