Buckeye Water District Raw Water Pumping Station

This project provides emergency standby power for the Buckeye Water District Raw Water Pumping Station. The equipment was installed as part of the construction of a new pumping station that supplies water to thousands of homes and businesses from the Ohio River. Power is provided by a Kohler KD2250 rated at 2.25MW at 480 volts and a Kohler KD800 rated at 800kW at 480 volts. Both generators are diesel fueled and include tanks to supply the system with enough fuel to run a minimum of 24 hours. Also included are quick disconnection cabinets for each generator to allow a portable generator to be simply and safely connected to the system when maintenance is required on the primary generator. The system was acquired using the Sourcewell cooperative purchasing solution. Sourcewell is a national public service agency committed to serving their members nationally and locally through a variety of valued programs that improve the efficiency of the public purchasing process. 

More information on Sourcewell can be found here.

Wellsville, Ohio
Industry being served:
Water Treatment
Generator Size & Type Used:
One Kohler KD2250 2.25MW diesel generator and one Kohler KD800 800kW diesel generator