Pickaway Correctional Institution

This project provides emergency standby power for the Pickaway Correctional Institution in Orient, Ohio. The equipment was installed at a new addition at the existing Power Plant Facility. The paralleling switchgear consists of a 13 cubicle switchgear line-up containing the circuit breakers and PLC based controls for a  two generator system. The system is controlled from a touch screen mounted on the master section. It is designed to run the generators in parallel and to provide for a soft load closed transition between sources of power. The system voltage is 13.2kV, which provided an added level of complexity for design and commissioning. Considering the fact that the project was located at a prison, coordination of an on time delivery was critical.

Orient, Ohio
Industry Being Served:
Generator Size & Type Used:
Two Kohler 2.5 MW diesel generators and medium voltage paralleling switchgear