Why kohler Generators

Simply put, Kohler strives for excellence. Since 1920, they’ve been dedicated to building the best generators the world has to offer.

Durable, Trustworthy Power

Building the best generators out there isn’t an easy task. That’s why Kohler invests in every aspect of the process.

Kohler Knows Power

A matter of seconds is all it takes for Kohler generators to have your business automatically powered, so you won’t suffer from downtime.

Single Source Responsibility

When you use Kohler Generators, Transfer Switches and Switchgear, you have to make just one phone call for support and service. And there’s no finger pointing.

Premium Warranty

Kohler offers best in class warranties to stand behind your investment and give you peace of mind.

Universal Trust

Whether you’re running standby power for your home, a hospital, data center, or nuclear power plant—you can be confident Kohler will provide the best backup power available.

There Is No “Good Enough”

Kohler thoroughly tests every single generator from the start of the manufacturing process to the finish, to ensure they pass inspection before reaching their home.

Total System Integration

Kohler Power Systems are designed and manufactured with components from Kohler including generators, transfer switches, switchgear and more.

Ready to find your kohler generator?

Whether it’s industrial, commercial, residential, marine, or towable—we can help you find your power generator solution. Learn more about what Buckeye Power Sales & Kohler has to offer today.

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