NSG Group Float Glass Plant

This project provides emergency standby power for NSG Group’s new Solar Glass production facility. This facility uses a float furnace to produce transparent conductive oxide glass for solar panels. The generators power the furnaces and the production line in the event of a power outage. Power is provided by a pair of Kohler model 2000REOZMD that run in parallel to provide a total of 4MW rated capacity at 277/480 volts. The generators are located inside the facility and have redundant air starters to reliably provide high cranking power to the engines. Synchronization control of the units is provided by a Kohler Sync Panel that interfaces with the customer’s switchgear controls. The generators are diesel fueled and have a 300 gallon day tank that is supplied by a larger main tank that is located remotely. 

Luckey, Ohio
Industry being served:
Glass Manufacturing
Generator Size & Type Used:
Two Kohler 2MW diesel generators